B2B Team & Individual Rewards: How to best boost employee performance

The customer experience is paramount to the success of your business. Motivating your workforce affects how your employees interact with your clients and customers. It’s common knowledge, but how effective are your motivational efforts?

“Okay, team: if we get through this order by five, we’re going out for pizza lunch tomorrow. My treat!”

Sound familiar? Additional vacation, performance bonuses, incentive programs — there are endless possibilities for rewarding your entire team for a job well done. But a new study conducted as a joint effort by researchers at the University of Iowa, Texas Christian University and Tsinghua University, found that rewarding the entire team is perhaps not the best way to go about boosting employee performance.

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Digital Marketing Workspace: CabinetM releases MyStacks

This month, Boston-based startup CabinetM announced the launch of MyStacks, a free, interactive tool which allows digital marketers to build, collaborate on, and discover new tools for their own unique marketing stacks.

“We help marketers make critical technology decisions in a rapidly transforming digital environment,” says CabinetM cofounder Sheryl Schultz. “Our platform enables collaboration around digital tool discovery, and also the implementation and management of digital tools. That’s what we’ve set out to do.”

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The top Big Data books coming this spring

SAP. Oracle. Microsoft. IBM. Big Data is a more than $100 billion industry, and latest figures show that it is growing by almost 10 percent a year. Large-scale data intelligence is relevant for every industry and every business.

If you want to stay ahead of the Big Data trends and breakthroughs, you may want to check out the latest releases in Big Data books coming this spring.

Here is the B2B NN list of what to check out in the coming months:

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Why every B2B CEO should be on social media

This was a fun post to write, and is today’s contribution to B2B News Network. Sincere thanks to Dennis McGuire of The Savo Group and Rob Hyams of McMillan for allowing me to interview them.

“Some CEOs say they’re too busy for social media. I say, it’s part of the job.”

This statement is from American Family Insurance CEO Jack Salzwedel, one of the many Fortune 500 CEOs using social media today — prolifically using, to be specific.

Recently, CEO.com, together with Domo, released its 2015 Social CEO Report, which looks at the social media trends (including engagement, activities and top social leaders) amongst F500 CEOs across major social media networks.

The findings show that social media is being adopted with greater frequency amongst CEOs. But interestingly, it found that greater frequency does not translate to widespread acceptance.

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Respect in Hockey: Respecting Our Referees


I’ve got a new post up at the Clarington Recreational Hockey League today. We’re looking at respecting officials in youth hockey, and how that ties into the OMHA’s recent launch of its “Respect in Hockey” video campaign.

Yelling is no longer the only thing youth sports officials have to be concerned about

It’s a disappointing development for the game we all love. Hot on the heels of the OMHA’s recent launch of its “Respect in Hockey” video campaign, two referees were assaulted in Howell, New Jersey after a high school hockey game.

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Follow these tips to ease the content marketing time-crunch

timecrunchFresh off the press, my most recent contribution to B2B News Network published today:

Content marketing is swiftly becoming the de facto standard in B2B marketing. Following trends in the B2C landscape, B2B companies are embracing this strategy with gusto — but often saddled with a poor understanding of what makes it effective and how to measure its success.

It’s no surprise, then, that many B2B professionals cite a lack of time for the reason why theircontent marketing strategy is less-than-stellar.

In a LinkedIn B2B content marketing report based on more than 600 survey responses from marketing professionals, “lack of time as a challenge to content marketing” came in at number three of the top five content marketing trends. This finding is supported by the Content Marketing Institute’s report on 2016’s B2B content marketing trends in North America, which found that 57 percent of content marketers identified producing content consistently as one of their biggest challenges.

We already know that marketing is a time-consuming effort. Entire departments are devoted to planning, implementing and actualizing hefty campaigns. It should be no different with content marketing. If you find a lack of time is one of the biggest reasons your content marketing strategy is suffering, we have a few tips to make things easier. But first, let’s consider why you think you don’t have time.

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Art for All at 4Cats Art Studio

CaptureAnyone familiar with the life and times of the great Pablo Picasso and his contemporaries knows of the Els Quatre Gats—or, The Four Cats—Café, in Barcelona Spain. At this infamous spot, artists of the day met and socialized. Now, 4Cats Arts Studio, which takes its name from that historic location, is bringing a love of art to the community of Whitby.

In 2005 the first 4Cats Arts Studio opened in Victoria, British Columbia, and has since spread to several more locations throughout the country. Brooklin residents Marc and Deanna Walsh discovered a 4Cats location in Mississauga and simply fell in love with it. In November of 2014 they opened their own studio.

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